CA23 Cannon Gun Safe Review

Purchasing a reliable gun safe is extremely important for several reasons. For starters, it protects your collection of guns from being stolen by intruders.  Not only that, having a gun safe is crucial if you have young children or teens in your home because it keeps the guns out of reach.  While their are many gun safe options to choose from that all do a great job of keeping firearms out of the hands of children and criminals, not all of the safes can store a large collection of guns.  If you are looking for a quality safe that can store many guns, the Cannon CA23 is a great choice.  Below is a detailed Cannon gun safe review, of the features of CA 23.

Cannon is a company that’s dedicated to providing a multitude of quality safes for affordable prices. Cannon has been in business for several years and has created an extremely good reputation with their clients which stems from delivering quality products year after year. This company specializes in manufacturing a wide array of safes.  All of the safes, which range in size and purpose from small office safes to huge gun safes, are built with extremely strong and durable materials.

I have a collection of 12 guns that I need to keep out of reach from my three boys, which is why I was looking for a reliable gun safe for my home. However, I had a difficult time finding a product that contained all of the features I was looking for which included large capacity storage, heavy duty and offer protection against fire.  As I was researching my options, I discovered the CA23 Cannon Series Deluxe Fire Safe, which seemed large enough to fit all of my rifles without a hitch. Before I bought it, I decided to read some of the other Cannon gun safe reviews just to make sure that I was purchasing a reliable product. I was happy to find that the majority of the reviews were positive and persuaded me to buy the safe.

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Cannon’s CA23, I must say, is very visually appealing. It has the Cannon logo written in gold letters on the door and the gold color really pops against the black exterior of the safe. When I was looking for a safe,  one of my concerns was finding one that can fit my collection of rifles without a problem. I had a tough time finding a safe that was large enough to comfortably fit my collection as well as still have room left over  to store more guns as I continued to build my gun collection. With the dimensions of this safe being 60 by 30 inches and is 24 inches deep, it offers the capacity to store around 24 guns, which was plenty of storage for me.

Additionally, this gun safe is extremely fire resistant. It actually has the ability to protect it’s contents in 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 60 minutes, making it one of the best fire resistant gun safes.  This safe contains a digital lock that makes opening the door a breeze. Additionally, thanks to the fact that it comes with an internal power supply, which is a great feature, I can plug in a dehumidifier.

My guns are extremely important to me, which is why I decided to invest in this safe. Since this safe is a bit of an investment, I highly recommend reading any Cannon gun safe review from current CA23 owners that you can, prior to making a purchase decision. Since becoming an owner of this safe, I am happy to say that I feel peace in mind in knowing that my guns are in a secure location and that my children are not able to access them and should a fire ever break out in my home, I won’t lose my valuable collection of guns that I’ve worked hard to build.  The bottom line is, if I had to do it all over again, I would still purchase the Cannon’s CA23 gun safe.

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